Dog licking floor suddenly

Dog licking floor suddenly

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Dog licking floor suddenly becomes bad

Hi there,

I've had my cat (male, female neutered and fully vaccinated) for about a year now and recently his eating and cleaning habits have changed dramatically. He hasn't been ill, and in the last few weeks he's been using his paw to clean himself. He now spends most of his time licking his paw - either in the morning or at night and sometimes (especially in the morning) he licks the floor as well. However, this problem was always before now, but now it is very noticeable and we have even managed to find him on the floor.

He has his food and water dish in his room and his litter box beside it, and there is no sign that he hasn't eaten and slept as normal. The door into his room is locked so he can't go out, but the cat flap is opened for him to come and go as usual. I don't think he's injured because when I put my hand out for him to jump on I never feel the point of his claws.

Does anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong, or what to do to help? It's never happened before - nothing like this before and it's only recently it has become obvious.


Do you give him attention when he wants it? I know that's the usual idea when cat owners see their cats cleaning, but do you pet the cat, give him a treat or play a game with him? What about walking around the house with him? Does he get jealous of his reflection in the mirror? Is he trying to tell you something?

I find that he sits with his front paws on the ground and lifts his rear end up. He may have had a leg or back injury. There is a lot of nerve damage in the rear leg and he has an arthritic knee. We have had him X-rayed and nothing show. I would get a copy of his old vet records. Perhaps if he was given medication for a while he will become more active and less sedentary.

Hi there , I'm so sorry you are in such pn. I was in a similar situation two years ago. My two cats kept falling asleep in a position that would hurt the cats back. They were doing the exact same thing as the cat you are describing. I called the vet, it turns out that they were sleeping in the same spot for three days. I tried to wake them up, no luck. She had no idea what it was either.

But I did get some answers. She told me my cats had developed a little arthritis in their back legs. ( I would also have to get all their old records).

She also suggested a good bed, cat nip to wake up and some time outside to tire them out.

Good luck with your cat. I am sure they love you very much! Good luck to your family.

That is similar to what has happened to my boy. I thought he was in pn, but they never figured it out until I took him in and was able to show the vet. Turns out, in addition to age, arthritis had started attacking his back legs. They actually did do a full work-up and sent his blood work off for testing. We started treatment and he is doing better, though he still has pn. You may want to try a similar treatment. And take a look in the shelter - they sometimes have a cat with a similar problem. I have had to expln this to our family.

Our vet gave me similar advise. The cat was acting funny, we thought he was in pn. We Xrayed him and he did in fact have an injury, it was a ruptured patella (knee cap). It's rare and needs surgery. It wasn't pnful when he got it but got worse over time. It happens mostly with older cats as they get arthritis. Our vet was going to send it out for testing, but I was able to get a second opinion. They were able to get it before it got worse. I was lucky, if I had not been able to get a second opinion we would have left it for months.

You could have some of the same issues, but you can ask your vet to have your cat's bloodwork done to make sure he is healthy. Good luck with your cat.

Thanks everyone for the info. I've started a treatment with Dr. Doolittle's and will see what happens with that. I did go to a local shelter and they say that he might have arthritis. But what else could it be? We did give him shots a few times, but we never know what all they were for.

That is not good. Sounds like he may have slipped a disc at the back of his neck or a torn ligament in his spine. Both are very serious. It could have been the cause of the pn that you thought he was feeling.

There is also a possibility that it is a benign mass in his stomach that you are seeing on the ultrasound. If it is not, it could be an aggressive tumor.

If you want to take him back to the same vet for more tests, you should do that as soon as possible. I'd say that he may be better off not being at the shelter. Maybe if he is really sick they can take him to the emergency room.

There is also the possibility of feline leukemia. This is frly common in older cats that are sick or have gone into shock. Agn, it could just be that he is getting older and his kidneys are shutting down.

There are two ways to look for this. If it were me, I'd do a blood test and have a blood transfusion done. I'd also try to find out if he has had his shots for feline leukemia and rabies. If he does not have his shots, I would get them done.

I'm not sure if you have him checked by a vet at the shelter or what they did. Since you are concerned about kidney disease, I'd still do another blood workup to make sure. Also, do a couple of tests to see if his calcium levels are normal. If not, that could be a sign of a kidney disease. That would also be an indication to have a blood transfusion.

If he gets it, you will have a hard time. He will get sick.

So if I were you, I'd put him into foster care as soon as you get him. I would call the emergency vet and ask him what they want to do. Ask if they can do a blood transfusion and give him steroids to counteract his disease. As I sd before, I'd also give him a blood transfusion.

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