Yorkshire Terrier: "I love daisies!"

Yorkshire Terrier: "I love daisies!"

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"These flowers just look good to eat!" Thinks the sweet Yorkshire Terrier in this video as he looks at a small cart with artificial daisies. The dog tries to drive away with his newly conquered toy.

The squeaky-cheeky little boy nibbles on the flowerpot with his little snout, snatches the white plastic flowers and pushes the little car around a bit. But the wooden frame is also ideal for pulling the new toy over the floor.

For the sheer joy of having moved the trolley through the room, the darling dog jumps in the air and then continues to nibble on his pot. This enthusiasm for the offspring did not escape his sibling, of course, and so the second puppy sniffs the interesting object curiously before the two four-legged friends finally romp around again. Indescribably cute!

Small but powerful: the Yorkshire Terrier

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