Dog constantly smacking mouth

Dog constantly smacking mouth

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Dog constantly smacking mouth with food, drool flying everywhere.

No tooth decay and gum disease

Good diet, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

Good diet, lots of raw meat and meat products

Excellent dental health

"Is your dog sick, Doc?"

"Well, no. I think the reason he's acting this way is because he's pregnant."

"You're kidding. How does he know?"

"He has a very sensitive nose. He can tell if a female is in heat. In addition to the heat, he gets a strong urge to eat."

"Oh yeah?"

"I've never been more amazed by my own observation of a dog's nose than I was when I saw my dog smacking his tongue to my dog's udders. I thought he was eating her."

"But this is a female dog?"


"Oh my, Doc. This is a dog with a strong sexual urge. That's not normal. I wonder what would happen if he did that to a female human. I have no doubt that the female would start licking his private parts and he would have to wear long underwear every night."

"I'm going to write a note for you to give your dog, Doc."

"Yeah, I'll give him the note. What should I tell her, Doc?"

"Just that it's normal to be sensitive to the heat of a female during the time of pregnancy. I have no doubt that your dog will calm down, but it would be a good idea to put a note in her box that says, 'This is normal, and you should have a good time. Don't be offended by this.'"

"I'll give it to her tomorrow."

"Good night, Doc."

In spite of the great number of species that can give birth to more than one pup, a dog who has given birth to a litter of puppies will usually become "puppy crazy" and will continue to behave in a very unusual manner. She'll bark at a dog in the same house as her puppies, growl at strangers, chew on a new baby's toes. Her body will have been transformed into a puppy's and she'll be completely dependent on her mother for everything. She'll be a great help to her mother in protecting the new puppies, keeping her puppies warm, and playing with them. When the mother and pups go to a new house, the mother will probably be reluctant to leave them. The first day they go alone to the new house will be a bad day for the pups. She'll have no mother to play with her, no food to eat, and no other dogs to protect her. She'll be very frightened.

Because the mother and her pups are now living in a new house, they may become nervous about strange dogs in the neighborhood. She's going to be very careful about her new puppy brothers and sisters. She'll bark at every strange dog that comes to her house. She'll growl at the first strange dog that tries to get to her house. She'll start barking at every strange dog that comes in the neighborhood. In fact, she may never stop barking.

If the mother becomes "puppy crazy" because of her puppies, she'll need to be taken to a veterinarian's office. A healthy, happy puppy will grow into a mature dog, who doesn't bark much, and doesn't bark at strange dogs.

#### **Why do dogs need grooming?**

Dogs need grooming because their hr is the same color, texture, and quality as human hr. Dogs need their hr to be cleaned off and kept clean.

Most grooming is done when the dog is in the presence of the owner.

#### **Do dogs need hrcuts?**

A dog can have a hrcut or a hrcut _with_ a groomer, or a hrcut _by_ a groomer.

If a groomer doesn't cut a dog's hr, the dog should be groomed by another groomer.

#### **Does the owner need to help with grooming?**

A dog needs to be groomed at least once a month. If you work, and your dog's hr has gotten a bit long, you can give it a trim with your fingers. If you have a large dog, you should put a bowl of water and a nl clipper on the floor in your garage, or in your car. Then, the dog can come to you when he wants to get a trim.



**_1. Pull your dog's collar forward, taking the lead in your teeth and placing it on a table.

2. Use the claw end of your nl clipper and the side of your finger to gently loosen the hr on your dog's neck.

3. Gently pull the collar up and out, taking care not to snag the hr on the way up.**

#### **What is the best way to groom a dog?**

Your dog's fur is too important to cut. In the past, dogs had a natural coat. The hr around a dog's eyes was plucked away, or shaved, for the same reason that a dog's eyebrows are removed. Plucking the hr was a pnful process that would cause the hr around a dog's eyes to grow back as a matted mass

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