Signs of kidney flure in cats

Signs of kidney flure in cats

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Signs of kidney flure in cats

When your cat has chronic renal flure, you may see signs like vomiting and weight loss.

Sometimes cats can have kidney flure that has not been diagnosed.

You need to be especially attentive to your cat's health if you notice the following signs:

Vomiting. Your cat may spit up repeatedly in the last few days of life. If you notice your cat vomiting, seek veterinary medical advice as soon as possible.

Decreased appetite or weight loss. Your cat may not eat well for several days or weeks, and a veterinarian might suggest a blood test.

Decreased urination. Your cat may urinate less and less often or not at all. He may have blood in his urine.

Lack of energy. Your cat may appear lethargic.

Increased thirst. If your cat is very thirsty, it can waste a lot of fluid by urinating and drinking in an attempt to take in more fluid. If you notice your cat drinking a lot of water, contact your vet for advice.

Excessive sleeping or restlessness. Your cat may be lethargic. He may become very restful or nervous and may spend most of the day sleeping.

Increased thirst. Your cat may appear to be very thirsty.

Signs of kidney flure in dogs

If your dog has chronic kidney disease, you may notice that your dog seems listless and has trouble urinating.

You may also notice the following signs:

Weight loss. Your dog may lose weight.

Decreased appetite.

Blood in urine.

Frequent vomiting.

Reduced interest in food.

Unusually high or low body temperature.

If you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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