Cataracts in cats: definition and treatment

Cataracts in cats: definition and treatment

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Cataracts, also called cataracts, describe an abnormal clouding of the lens in the eye. If the disease is noticed in good time in cats, it can be operated on and the eyesight of the kitty can be saved. Read here exactly what is meant by the disease and what you can do about it. Cataracts blinded this cat in one eye - Shutterstock / Noppharat46

It often takes a long time before pet owners notice that cataracts spread to their cats. Because as long as only one eye is affected, the kitties usually do not show anything. However, if both eyes are already affected, it may have been years since the onset of the disease. It is therefore worth taking a close look, because those who recognize the symptoms of the disease early on can do something about it.

Cataracts in cats: definition

Cataracts are an eye disease with a variety of causes. If cats suffer from this, the otherwise clear and transparent lens of their eyes is gradually clouded. Normally, the incident light can pass through the lens unhindered and is refracted there, resulting in a sharp image on the retina. However, cataracts prevent this process. Due to increased water absorption in the eye, the lens fibers swell and the transparency of the lens is lost. In the advanced stage the fundus is no longer recognizable due to the milky layer.

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Treatment: Cataracts can be operated on

If you notice that your cat is finding it difficult to find its way around or that the lens looks milky, you should see a veterinarian who specializes in ophthalmology. The faster you introduce yourself here, the better the chances of a cure for a possible disease. Cataracts cannot be treated or eliminated with medication or eye drops in cats. The only option is surgical removal of the lens. This is replaced by an artificial lens. However, the vet must determine individually whether the operation can be carried out.

Because not only must the retina be intact - the treating physician must also ensure that the cat is well looked after afterwards. Regular eye checks and long rest periods are essential. If you follow the instructions of your veterinarian, the chances of success of the operation are 80 to 95 percent - and your cat can see optimally again.

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