6 funny excuses for dog owners

Every day, every one of us comes into situations where only excuses seem to help. Dog owners have it a little easier than others because: Dogs are easy to push forward. The following seven excuses for dog owners are useful, but (of course) we cannot recommend them. Have you overslept? Naheeein, you still had to get out with the dog and are therefore late ... - Shutterstock / Soloviova Liudmyla

As you know, most dog owners shouldn't lie. Nevertheless, it always happens that one or the other uses his dog to make excuses. And the four-legged friend? Often they just sit next to it and don't know how it happens. Here are the top 6.

1. "My dog ​​is sick"

Yes, it's the easiest way to stay away from unwanted invitations or annoying meetings. A sick dog works. However, advancing the dog's health is risky, after all it may be that he is actually not doing well at some point and this is misinterpreted as an excuse. It may be better in the long run to cancel without an excuse.

2. "The dog broke it"

Have you knocked over the vase given by the mother-in-law or have you thrown away a hated gift in the trash? Well, that could have been the dog who was a little too cocky when playing. Nobody is angry with a cute pet.

3. "My dog ​​is afraid of a vacuum cleaner"

The mice are having a party in your apartment? And friends ask you why it is so dirty? Well, as a dog owner you can only rarely clean because the fur nose is so afraid of a vacuum cleaner. Option two: your dog is simply a dirty finch and literally whirls up the dust.

What influence you have on the character of the dog

Dog and owner become more and more similar over time, it is often said. This also affects the dog character ...

4. "My dog ​​did it dirty"

Have you spilled coffee on your pants on the way to work? If the boss looks strange, it was just the cute dog - everyone will understand that.

5. "My dog ​​can't be alone for so long"

The date is not going as expected and you are looking for excuses to finally leave? No problem, you suddenly have to go home anyway, because your dog cannot stay alone for so long. So go away quickly - he or she will understand. The highlight: This trick often works even if you don't have a dog. Of course, your counterpart must not know that.

6. "My dog ​​ate homework"

The evergreen. Wasn't there time for homework? Don't worry, the teacher will believe that the dog tore up the math book. Wrong thought - this number is one of the excuses that everyone has heard before.

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