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Dearest baby monkey likes to bathe

Dearest baby monkey likes to bathe

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Nala, the little monkey in the video, thinks bathing is great! The cute animal with the big googly eyes lives in an animal care station and is looked after and cared for there. Personal hygiene should not be missing. Nala finds the water a bit scary at first. The little crested capuchin monkey chirps in fear. Fortunately, favorite cuddly toy Bobo is included. So bathing is really fun!

"Yikes? What's that?", Baby monkey Nala seems to be surprised at the beginning about the water. She snuggles up to her soft toy and lets the little wellness treatment please her mom. The dark fur is gently rinsed off and washed, followed by a head massage. After that, the cute monkey is allowed to chuck into a fresh towel and is lovingly dried. So sweet!

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