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Family addition: cat and kitten make friends

Family addition: cat and kitten make friends

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"Hi there! I'm new here!", The sugar-sweet white kitty introduces himself in this video. The young velvet paw is the hearty new addition to the family and immediately tries to make friends with the house cat.

The big cat is called Pinecone and as the commentary on the video says, she suffered from an anxiety disorder and was afraid of being alone. The little cute Fratz was therefore adopted by Pinecone's mistress and owner to keep the lonely, frightened cat company. Apparently it worked wonderfully.

The fluffy animals get to know each other while playing with a feather duster, relaxing on a chair and romping in the hallway. And obviously the two tigers love each other straight away and examine each other with their soft paws very carefully. Friendship at first sight!

Getting two cats used to each other: Tips for keeping them

If you want to get two cats used to each other, extreme caution and patience are required ...

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