Former stray Oscar learns to play and trust

Former stray Oscar learns to play and trust

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The cute red cat in the video is called Oscar and is four years old. The tiger cat spent three years on the street as a stray until he found a lovely foster family who taught him to play and helped him regain trust in people. With success: Oscar was later adopted and found a loving home.

At first Oscar looks a little surprised about the cat toy that moves back and forth in front of his eyes. Nevertheless, he starts to chase carefully and slowly but surely finds fun in the game. At the beginning he was even shy and didn't understand how to use the toy, as the next video shows.

But with patience and love Oscar has got used to living in a warm, cozy home and no longer having to fight for survival every day. His first attempts at playing seem a bit timid and astonished - after all, he has never seen a game like this before. Nevertheless, his curiosity shines through right from the start.

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