Novolin L for Dogs

Novolin L for Dogs

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Novolin L is a discontinued lente (immediate-acting) insulin that was sometimes prescribed to treat canine diabetic disorders. Novo Nordisk, the creators of Novolin L, discontinued the insulin at the end of 2003. The company has not published a reason for this discontinuation.

Lente Insulin for Canine Diabetes Management

Novolin L was quite popular because it was a lente (immediate-acting) form of insulin. Although Novolin L is no longer available, there are similar lente insulins still on the market, including Vetsulin for dogs. Vetsulin is administered once-daily and once administered, dog owners can expect a near-immediate onset of activity, as well as long-lasting use of glucose which boosts the dog’s basic body functions. Always consult an experienced vet regarding the health and treatment of your pet.


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