5 possibly fictional facts about cats

The cat friends Cupcake, Roodi, Thunder, Monkey and Kami in the video live with their favorite people in Canada. In this little movie, they list a few cat facts that may have been made up a little. Fact number 1: Cats are softer than towels - and it's also more fun to dry your hands on them.

Fact number 2: Cats are actually pack animals - in English "Pack Animals" - and they can be wonderfully packed in boxes. Fact number 3: cats are like potato chips - you can't have just one of them. Fact number 4: Cats love surprise attacks and are real professionals in them. And - most importantly - fact number 5: cats make a house a home by filling it with love. This is really a fact that any cat lover can confirm!

The perfect Christmas dinner for cats

Whether roast goose, salmon or fondue: the festive Christmas dinner is part of the program for people ...

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