Katerchen Skidmark: In a new home for a year

Katerchen Skidmark: In a new home for a year

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It's hard to believe that it has been over a year since Katerchen Skidmark was saved by a motorcyclist at an intersection. The video shows how the small, frightened kitten became a handsome, brave cat. Just great!

In one year Katerchen Skidmark often made his "parents" laugh, he played, raged and learned a lot. When Daenerys kitten came into the family, Skidmark became their big brother and the two have a lot of fun together. From time to time, the red tiger cat hunts vole in the garden and loves climbing trees and exploring his world. The most important thing is: Skidmark was showered with love from the first second. What a beautiful rescue story!

Illuminated toys for cats: class on dark days!

Autumn is here and it is getting dark earlier - perfect for our beloved parlor tiger at the end of the day…

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