Is Filtered Water Bad for Puppies?

Is Filtered Water Bad for Puppies?

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No, filtered water is not bad for your puppy. In fact, filtered water may be an ideal solution for your puppy's health. Harmful components such as infectious organisms like Giardia and carcinogenic fluoride can be removed by filtration.

Water Sources

Tap water in your home is a good choice for your puppy when it's filtered. This process removes impurities such as metals that may be harmful. Bottled water from varying sources is available in your grocery store. Distilled water does not contain minerals or other impurities. It lacks harmful toxins but also lacks potential nutrients like calcium and zinc, which are found in some water sources. Spring water is generally safe, unless it is unprocessed and comes from a contaminated source. Read water labels to determine the source and potential processing of the water. These choices are all generally acceptable for your puppy.


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