Funny chase! Dog lady Bonnie steals GoPro camera

Funny chase! Dog lady Bonnie steals GoPro camera

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Bonnie's owner certainly did not expect this: The dog lady grabs the GoPro camera of her owner and thus becomes a viral hit on the World Wide Web.

In a short clip, bitch Bonnie mops her master's table tennis racket. So far so good. But a GoPro camera is attached to the racket, which documents the escape of the fur nose.

Bonnie runs wildly across her family's property. She hurries across backyards and porches. She is followed by other dogs and her owner. But all attempts to stop the dog lady fail. Bonnie is simply unstoppable. The result: a pretty fun chase!

The 39 second video was first published on the Reddit portal. User "CarmenLightning" explained: "The only reason why we own a GoPro ..." The clip is currently making its rounds on the Internet and is frequently clicked and shared on social networks such as Reddit, Twitter or YouTube.

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