Different Types of Chihuahua Puppies

Different Types of Chihuahua Puppies

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The feisty, intelligent and loyal Chihuahua is the perfect companion for many people. While these little dogs sometimes may look quite a bit different from each other even in the same litter, according to the American Kennel Club and others, Chihuahua puppies and adults only come in two different types: long- or smooth-coated.

Smooth Coat

The smooth-coated dog is an officially recognized type and is described specifically within the breed standard as a separate type of Chihuahua. The American Kennel Club says that this pup’s coat can be either a single layer or a double coat with a thick under layer. He may have a slightly noticeable ruff around his neck along with a bit of fluffiness to his tail and slightly thinner hair on his head. The overall coat is short and lays flat along the puppy’s body.

Long Coat

The long-coated Chihuahua is the second type of Chihuahua that is officially recognized. According to the breed standard, this puppy has long body hair that can be either wavy or flat, and that preferably includes an undercoat. He should have feathers on the back of his legs, a long, plumed tail and long hair on his ears. He should have the same overall body type and appearance as the short coat Chihuahua, but even as puppies the difference between the two coat types should be obvious and becomes more noticeable as he matures.


Part of the fun of a litter of Chihuahua puppies is that they can come in many different colors even in a single litter. Solid-color pups often are black, tan, red, chocolate or cream. Puppies also may have a combination of any two colors, such as red and black or chocolate and tan. Any of the solid or bi-color pups also may be splashed with white on the chest, head, feet or other areas. Even though some people breed to get certain colors, color is an attribute of the Chihuahua, but is not an official type.


Chihuahuas arrive in various sizes and many people find the tiniest puppies to be the most desirable. In an effort to cater to those who search out the smallest dog possible, many breeders advertise very small Chihuahuas as “teacups,” “pocket dogs” or “tiny toys.” According to the Chihuahua Club of America, this breed does not have any size divisions. No matter how much the puppy or adult weighs or how tall it is, it still is simply a Chihuahua.

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