Sick or injured cat: emergency for the veterinarian?

Sick or injured cat: emergency for the veterinarian?

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If your cat has had an accident, has been injured, or is behaving quite abnormally, many owners wonder whether you should go to the veterinarian with your velvet paw. You can tell whether there is an emergency or not by certain warning signals. In the event of an emergency, the cat must go to the veterinarian immediately - Shutterstock / Mr. Nikon

It is every cat owner's nightmare: the cat is hit by a car during one of its walks or comes back home with a bad bite. Sometimes it is not immediately clear whether it is an emergency and the injured kitty has to go to the veterinarian immediately, or whether the velvet paw can handle it himself. This requires your powers of observation and your gut feeling.

Cat hurt? Always go to the vet after an accident

If your cat has been hit or has a lintel, it is basically an emergency. The reason for this is that not all injuries are always visible from the outside. The animal may have suffered internal injuries or severe, life-threatening shock. Transport the injured cat to the vet immediately on a firm but padded surface in a secure transport box. He can then examine them thoroughly and determine if there are serious injuries.

Wounds, stitches and burns: emergency or not?

A less clear-cut case is when the cat has burned itself or has been stung by insects. Even if the cat has been bitten or has suffered a cut, it is not always easy to judge whether it is an emergency. It depends on the severity of the injuries. Small abrasions and superficial, small wounds that have not caught fire usually heal on their own. Slight burns can be cooled with cold envelopes or a special ointment.

However, if it is a deep wound that is bleeding profusely or has already become inflamed and swollen, your cat must go to the vet. If there is a large foreign body in the skin, you should not pull it out. The wound could otherwise start bleeding. Better wrap a loose bandage around it and go to the veterinarian you trust. Large-scale burns are also considered an emergency.

Insect bites only need to be treated by the veterinarian if the cat has been stuck in the mouth or if it shows allergic symptoms such as shortness of breath and swelling at the injection site. Also important in summer: If the house tiger has been exposed to high heat or strong sunlight for a long time and is apathetic, panting, vomiting or trembling afterwards, he must also go to the doctor. The kitty could have suffered a heat stroke or sunstroke.

Choose a transport box for your cat

Even if your cat would rather prefer to do without it: Now and then she has to go into the acidic ...

Pay attention to alarm signals

The fur nose does not always have to be injured to be considered an emergency for the veterinarian. Even if she suddenly falls ill or shows strange behaviors that don't look like her at all, prompt medical attention is needed. If cats vomit for longer than one day or have diarrhea, or don't eat for more than two days, something is wrong with them. What, the veterinarian has to clarify. It is also an emergency if your velvet paw has eaten poisonous food or one of the plants poisonous to cats. Shortness of breath and apathy are also always warning signs for emergencies.

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