Street dogs in Romania - dog killing continues

Street dogs in Romania - dog killing continues

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A tragic incident, in which street dogs attacked and fatally injured a child in 2013, had dramatic consequences for all Romanian stray dogs at the time: it was decided that the blanket killing of stray dogs was officially allowed there. Even if the government has now withdrawn from this cruel decision - dog killing continues in Romania. Dogs from Romania need our help - Image: Shutterstock / Vega Gonzalez

Countless strays live in Romania, in the capital Bucharest alone there are said to be over 60,000. Instead of finding an animal-friendly solution, the problem was solved in the most radical way: According to the decision, the four-legged friends were only allowed to stay in the animal shelter for 14 days after they were delivered there. If no one is interested in the animals during this time, they may be put to sleep without further explanation. In June and July 2014 there were important legal successes against the cruel law. Unfortunately, the killing and torturing of street dogs in Romania continues in practice, also because so far too little has been legally implemented.

Animal rights activists have launched numerous campaigns to help the dogs in Romania. We would like to present some of the ways in which you can become active here.

1. Online protest about signature campaigns

Many large animal welfare organizations have launched signature and protest campaigns against the mass killing, which everyone can sign.

a) TASSO, for example, is committed to the stray dogs in Romania and tries to get the problem under control by long-term solution strategies such as the widespread castration of strays and the improvement of the conditions in the animal shelters.

b) Four paws appeals to animal lovers to support their action by sending protest emails directly to various Romanian mayors. You can find ready-made forms here.

c) And PETA Germany has also launched a protest campaign. More information and the corresponding petition can be found here.

Witnessed cruelty to animals? Right behavior

You have witnessed animal cruelty, may have watched a dog on the street ...

2. Active help: Donate, care for, adopt animals

Animal shelters, animal protection organizations and dog lovers coordinate mediation animals, foster dogs and fundraisers for Romanian dogs. If you would like to make donations in kind or money or can offer a four-legged friend a nice new home, you will find contacts in most urban animal shelters as well as on the Internet, such as at the organizations Pfotenfreunde-Romania e.V. or Freundeskreis Bruno-Pet.

3. Exchange via Facebook

There is also the possibility to find out about various actions via social networks such as Facebook. Where and how can you help, what other people are doing and what's new?

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  • 08-11-2013 10:11:06

    manuelpape5: good afternoon! I would like to ask you to use the Shutterstock / Vega Gonzalez photo of this article for my blog. Link has been removed I am currently working in Romania and I am writing about how people live with dogs, how they think about and deal with them. And how little that has to do with what the German media report because many wrong conclusions have been made. The article has not yet been published. I would like to include this picture before I publish. Kind regards, Manuel Pape (journalist, student, intern at the Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien) Report abuse
  • 04-10-2013 20:10:52

    cooleheidi: Hello, my daughter and I have launched our own website to help Romanian street dogs. A mediation page is also there. We would like to post your contributions with the corresponding link, of course - to inform and help as many as possible outside of FB! But we need your consent! Report abuse

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