Bugs That Drink Blood From Dogs

Bugs That Drink Blood From Dogs

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Blood-sucking bugs can cause your pup intense itching and scabbing, making his life miserable. Luckily, your vet can come up with a treatment plan to combat the nasty annoyances.


Problematic blood-sucking bugs include fleas, sucking lice and ticks. Fleas are tiny and black. They're fast moving and can jump. Lice are tiny, brownish and fairly slow moving. Ticks are oval-shaped, have eight legs and burrow their head into your pup's skin. They look grayish when engorged. Fleas and lice live in groups and fleas infest your house; ticks do neither. Mosquitoes can also suck your pup's blood, but do not pose as much of a concern as the others. Mites generally don't feed on blood. Bed bugs can affect your pup, but they much prefer humans.


If you notice any bugs on your pal, make a vet appointment. Your vet can accurately ID the parasite. Shampoos and medications can remove and prevent fleas and lice, while you can simply pluck ticks right out -- your vet can show you how. Because fleas infest your house, you'll need to eliminate them from your home. You can try home remedies, but contact a pest control specialist if they don't work.


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