Very practical: water dispenser for dogs

Very practical: water dispenser for dogs

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Whether at home or on the go: dogs must always have fresh water available. In addition to the simple water bowl, various solutions are available to provide the dog with enough liquid around the clock. Water dispenser for fresh water around the clock - Image: Shutterstock / Elisabeth Hammerschmid

1. Classic and affordable: the water dispenser

A simple plastic water dispenser has a capacity of around 3.5 liters and thus supplies several dogs with enough water for the day. It is very easy to transport and just as easy to clean - the low price also makes a water dispenser a good entry-level and trial model.

2. It couldn't be fresher: water from the drinking fountain

A drinking fountain is designed to provide dog and cat with flowing, fresh and filtered water day and night. You can adjust the water flow rate and even wash the fountain in the dishwasher. The rubber feet ensure that the fountain does not slip on the floor.

3. Important in summer: water dispenser for on the go

This practical water dispenser is well suited to accompany you and your four-legged friend on trips and for dog sports. It is easy to store and use and ensures that you can easily offer your pet fresh water - for example, when you are going for a long walk or by car.

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