Blue Dog Food vs. Evo

Blue Dog Food vs. Evo

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You want to feed your best friend the best diet possible. As each dog is an individual, even premium dog foods aren't "one size fits all." Make choices based not just on primary ingredients, although that's paramount, but also your dog's age, health, fitness and activity level. Blue and Evo dog foods both offer quality products, but one might suit your particular dog better than the other. Both companies also sell dog treats.

Blue Dog Food

Manufactured by the Blue Buffalo Company, all Blue dry and canned dog foods are made in the U.S. The Blue dry dog food line includes the Life Protection formulations for puppies, adults and seniors. Its high-protein, grain-free Wilderness line, inspired by wolf diets, also includes canned food. The Freedom dry and canned line is grain-free, while the dry and canned Basics formula has limited ingredients for canines with food allergies. Low-calorie Longevity, in dry and canned form, includes versions for puppies, adults and seniors. Canned-only foods include Homestyle, Blue's Stew and Family Favorite Recipes. Blue foods all feature deboned chicken, fish or lamb as the first ingredient.

Life Source Bits

Blue dog foods all contain the company's trademarked Life Source Bits, a veterinarian-formulated blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to support healthy immune systems. These are the dark bits of kibble mixed in the Blue dry dog foods. Life Source Bits ingredients include kelp, beta-carotene, barley grass and blueberries, along with vitamins A, C and E and various B vitamins. The bits are processed through a cold formula for potency preservation, especially valuable for water-soluble vitamins.


Evo products are designed to "closely resemble the ancestral diets of dogs," according to the company's website. That means a low-carbohydrate diet, with no grains whatsoever. Because Evo foods are highly digestible, dogs use more of the nutrients, producing less feces. The company claims that the energy-dense quality of its products means that you don't need to feed your dog as much as you would with other canine foods, also saving you money.

Evo Products

Evo dog food products include a turkey and chicken dry and canned food formulation, as well as a small bites version of this dry food for little dogs. The Red Meat dry dog food consists of lamb, beef, venison and buffalo and is also available in a small bites size. The dry herring and salmon formula also contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint health. The weight management dry dog food contains less fat and more protein than the turkey and chicken formula. For older dogs, Evo offers the turkey and chicken senior dry dog food. Canned Evo foods include a choice of 95 percent chicken and turkey; beef; venison; duck or salmon and herring.


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