For cold days: winter coat for dogs

For cold days: winter coat for dogs

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Whether breed, health or age-related: Not every dog ​​can cope with the freezing cold, which is why a special dog coat is recommended in some cases. Different models are designed to make the cold season easier for the four-legged friends. For cold days: winter coat for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Budimir Jevtic

1. With snow and ice: cozy, water and wind resistant

This winter coat looks warm and cozy and does its four-legged friends with its wind and waterproof material loyal service. It is fastened with Velcro fasteners, is equipped with a removable hood and can be washed at 30 degrees by hand.

2. Coat for puppies and small dogs

This light winter coat is available in various, even very small, sizes and is therefore also suitable for young four-legged friends who are sensitive to the cold. Four different colors ensure that the selection is not too boring and this affordable entry-level model also comes with a practical hood.

3. Practical 2-in-1 dog coat

This coat can be used as a raincoat or as a winter coat, because it has a waterproof upper and a removable inner lining. The reflective side stripes of this otherwise discreet model ensure more safety at night and in fog, so that this coat is versatile in general.

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