For World Cat Day 2019: 5 reasons why cats are the best pets

Yippee! World Cat Day is celebrated on Thursday. A good occasion to show why cats are the best pets. There are so many good reasons to love cats - Image: Shutterstock / Suzanne Tucker

According to the Central Association of German Zoological Specialists (ZZF), 14.8 million cats currently live in 23 percent of German households. The search for the velvet paws on Google gives over 74 million results. The facts stand for themselves: cats are popular pets. But why is that actually the case? Here are a few good reasons:

1. Cats are clean.

Cats are extremely pure animals. Because personal care is very important to the fur noses. After all, it's not for nothing that people talk about washing cats. The four-legged friends not only clean themselves, but also go to the toilet independently.

2. Cats are self-employed.

Cats don't always call for people's attention and don't always follow them at every turn. You can also get involved yourself without having to worry about what they are up to.

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3. Cats like to cuddle.

As much as cats can keep their distance, they also allow closeness. The velvet paws are the perfect cuddle partner. They spend most of the day sleeping. They clean themselves and their people, do the milk kick on their owners or mothers and of course they can also be petted - with great confidence it can even be the tummy.

4. Cats are honest.

Cats don't fool you. If you don't like something, then let people know - and that can sometimes hurt a lot in the form of scratches or bites.

5. It's not boring with cats.

Boredom? She doesn't come up with a cat in the household that quickly. The kitties are always good for a surprise. You play, romp and discover. Above all, her preference for paper and cardboard - preferably cardboard boxes that are too small - is just too funny!

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