Squirrel feed and bird feeder for the winter

Squirrel feed and bird feeder for the winter

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Even if squirrels make provisions for the winter months as best they can in autumn, they can experience bottlenecks in cold days. If you want to support them with food or a shelter, you can find a few ideas here. Squirrel in winter: "But I didn't hide these nuts myself…" - Image: Shutterstock / FomaA

Squirrel feed and bird feeder for winter - Image: Shutterstock / shipfactory

1. Squirrel food for cold winter days

Squirrels devote themselves to winter rest in the cold season. In between, they come out of their nest and look for the nuts they buried in autumn. This is particularly difficult with ground frost - during this time, the best way to support the red rodent is with special squirrel feed, which is available from specialist pet shops and should best be available around the clock.

2. Strengthening through nutritious peanut kernels

Peanut kernels are the perfect strengthening for wild birds and squirrels in winter. Due to their high oil and fat content, they are wonderful sources of energy and naturally unseasoned. Stored in a practical five-liter bucket, they are an ideal addition for the winter months.

3. Eat undisturbed at the cozy bird feeder

A bird feeder is a hygienic and practical way to provide wild animals with nuts and mixed feed. It stays fresh for a long time, does not get wet and offers croissants a good opportunity to eat undisturbed in elevated places. In between, you should thoroughly clean the feeding station.

Feeding squirrels in winter: tips

At the latest when there is frost on the ground, squirrels find it difficult to find enough food in winter. If…

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