Summer tips against the heat for rabbits

Summer tips against the heat for rabbits

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The summer heat is not only a burden for dogs and cats, but also for rabbits and other animals. A heat stroke can even be life-threatening for small hoppers. However, the cool tips of the dwarf rams Phoebe and Bonnie in the video help to make the high temperatures bearable for Mummelnasen.

Tip number one is very important: drink plenty of water! The rabbit drinker should always be filled well with fresh water. Next, Phoebe recommends getting rid of the last of the winter fur and letting your favorite people brush you through. "It feels good," think the two cute rabbits. Fresh lettuce from the fridge and one or two frozen blueberries are also a pleasure to taste the mummel nose.

In summer, Phoebe and Bonnie prefer to stay indoors, where it is nice and cool, and pass the time with fun games. In the end, the two fluffy floppy ears advise you to take a nap. After all, such a fun summer day is really exhausting.

Dwarf Aries: Popular domestic rabbits with floppy ears


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