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Girls collected Facebook likes for buying dogs

That's another nice story from the digital age: Within a few hours, two girls from the United States collected a million Facebook likes. The reward is a new doggie. Call for Facebook action: "We want a puppy!" - Picture: 2013 Facebook / Twogirlsandapuppy

The reason for this special action was the death of the dog of the two girls. The siblings absolutely wanted a new four-legged friend. The father now promised to buy them a dog, but on the condition that the girls start a Facebook call and get a million likes. No problem for the smart girls. It only took a few hours before the goal was reached - to astonish the father.

Facebook as an experiment

The father, Ryan Cordell, is researching viral distribution at Northeastern University in Boston. This is where the special task of collecting the likes on Facebook comes from, partly out of scientific interest. However, it can be strongly assumed that the siblings would have got the new puppy that way.

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