So you can do something good for stray animals in winter

So you can do something good for stray animals in winter

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Stray cats do not have it easy in winter, especially when there is ice and snow. If you want to provide food for a stray or a warm, protected place as a shelter, you should note the following. A protected spot and a little refreshment: a blessing for Struner in winter - Image: Shutterstock / Roman Prishenko

If you see a stray dog ​​in the garden, it is important that you first check whether the animal is injured or sick and then seek help from the veterinarian if necessary. If everything seems normal, you can support the homeless tiger with the following measures.

Offer stray animals fresh feed and water every day

If the temperatures are below freezing and you want to put stray animals to eat, choosing the right feed plays an important role: Even if it is healthier, wet food only makes sense if you have the time to replace and close it several times a day check whether it is not too cold or even frozen. It is better, however, to add dry fodder to the suffering fur nose, which is composed of balanced ingredients, has a high meat content and is sugar-free.

A bowl of fresh water should always be available for the stray. If you place the bowl on a baby warming plate, the water will not freeze so quickly - nevertheless, you should keep a close eye on the water source and it is best to refill it daily so that no bacteria accumulate that can harm the kitty. The more protected the bowls are, the better. You can find more on this topic in the guide: "Feeding a stray cat in winter: tips".

Shelter for cats in wind and weather

Even with the thickest winter fur, cats are grateful for human support in wet, cold winter weather. You can set up a special cat house, set up a dog house or a cozy, wind and rain-protected corner in your shed. Simply lay the floor with cozy straw so that the stray can rest, warm up and recharge in between.

Cold protection for outdoor enthusiasts in winter

With thick winter fur and a thirst for adventure, many outdoor enthusiasts don't want to ...

Monitor health status and look for owner

If you notice a stray in your area in winter, feeding and offering a warm cookie should only be a first aid measure. If you find that the cat is limping, bleeding, extremely thin or weak, it is best to take your arms to the vet, where they will take care of the rest. Alternatively, animal welfare can help you if you suspect that the animal is injured or sick - it also helps to take measures to locate a cat owner or to put the animal in a shelter.

Hanging out pieces of paper, visiting internet portals for missing animals or studying missing person advertisements in daily newspapers is also a good idea to ensure that the stray cat doesn't have to spend the next winter outdoors.

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