This is how Cole and Marmalade react to fake cats

This is how Cole and Marmalade react to fake cats

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What do cats actually do when they meet cuddly toys? The owners of Cole and Marmalade demonstrate just that in a new YouTube video.

First of all, the owner Chris and Miss Jess confront the two house tigers with a large representative of their kind, namely a tiger. Cole and Marmalade are initially afraid of the soft toy, but are soon curious and sniff their counterpart.

The tiger is even cleaned. And Cole can't help but play with the tiger's tail. But what actually happens when the two velvet paws meet their cuddly toy counterparts?

That's exactly what the owners will try next. The result: Cole and Marmalade are also not very fond of these fake cats. No wonder, they just stay motionless! How good that the two have each other!

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