Mayfly: Carpe Diem! But really only one?

Mayfly: Carpe Diem! But really only one?

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Life is too short. A wisdom that especially the older warlords among us like to express emphatically. The mayfly has other concerns. She has to live every hour as if it were her last - which is often enough. But does she really only live for 24 hours? Image: Shutterstock / Stana

The Mayfly: A life for love

They live mainly in tropical regions, and indeed: In the winged stage, some mayflies actually have a lifespan of only a few hours. After all, the end of life is waiting for other specimens for a few days. But the short time has it all in one way, freely according to the motto "Carpe Diem!" ("Use the day!"), Their lifespan is such that the animals can meet and mate in flight and then lay the eggs in flowing water.

Premature parents, wise larvae

There is nothing to eat, on the other hand, the mayfly's jaws are too underdeveloped - and life is too short anyway for culinary delights. Ironically, the larvae live a longer life than their parents. They hatch from the eggs, begin to feed and sometimes spend up to three years as a larva before they grow wings and can finally fly away. At least for a day.

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