Look into my eyes? Bad flirting tip for butterflies

Look into my eyes? Bad flirting tip for butterflies

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This elegance, this grace. The butterfly is one of the most visually demanding representatives of the animal kingdom. And the colors first! It is a feast for the eyes. In general, eyes. The butterfly has - well - a proud 12,000. Image: Shutterstock / anekoho

Butterfly: Luftikus with an overview

My name is Cyane, Cethosia Cyane. I am a petite, colorful and extremely elegant being. I move through the air with ease, in perfect adaptation and harmony to my immediate surroundings. Thanks to my compound eyes, I have an excellent all-round view - but unfortunately I'm a little short-sighted. You need to know that they are made up of 6,000 little individual eyes. I own two of them, which makes a total of 12,000 eyes.

12,000 eyes cannot see red

However, I do not want my reference to this peculiarity to be understood as bragging rights. Because basically I have a different color sensitivity than people. So I just can't see the red color of love. I am thoroughly romantic!

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