Baby Echidna: Intoxicated God shows humor

Baby Echidna: Intoxicated God shows humor

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Baby echidna are particularly cuddly animals far from animal norms of beauty. The look of the mammals is taken up by the youtube user "zefrank1", who is now well known among animal docu fans like a colorful dog, as an opportunity to fool the little rascals. Is that a little mean? Definitely - but also very funny!

In his latest pseudo-documentary "True Facts about the Echidna" Uploader "zefrank1" falls straight into the house. First the narrator wonders about the strange name "Echidna", an unspeakable synonym for the beak hedgehog. Then it is said, among other things, that God first created marijuana before the echidna followed 45 seconds later - in a frenzy, as it goes without saying.

As if that weren't enough, "zefrank1" even pulls over the newly-born baby echidna, which looks like little nasty gummy bears. And also the genitals of the echidna are kidnapped: the echidna has its testicles under the chin.

The baby echidna is the first of three animal species that "zefrank1" has already teased. In addition to the echidna, the humorous owl with the memorable narrator voice also made fun of sloths and frogfish.

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