Dog burial: These are the options

Dog burial: These are the options

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Saying goodbye to your faithful companion is a terrible stroke of fate for every master. The type of dog burial makes a significant contribution to how you overcome your grief. Therefore, choose the most appropriate method from your point of view to show your four-legged friend the last honor. Dog burial: There are these possibilities - Photo: Shutterstock / Martin Valigursky

Possibility of burying dogs: tips and methods

Dog burial is considered an ancient tradition. Even in ancient Egypt, people shaved their heads when their dog died. Just like a human, the four-legged friend was embalmed and buried. In ancient Rome, the dog was even buried in the family crypt and was often mentioned on the tombstone. Today, of course, it looks different. However, you should decide for yourself how you want to rest your dog. If your best friend is put to sleep, he usually stays with the vet. If you don't want that, there are of course other solutions. A common option is burial in an animal cemetery. You can consult a professional animal undertaker for the organization. A gravestone is also possible, but a grave cross is not. If cremation is possible, the ashes can be stored in a special urn. You can then either bury the container or take it home to keep your four-legged friend with you.

Rest in your own garden

Of course there is also the possibility to bury your own dog in the garden. Perhaps the four-legged friend's favorite corner is a good choice. However, you should definitely clarify beforehand whether your property is located in a water protection area, because then your dog burial is not allowed here. You should also think about what happens when you move. Be aware that you may not live in one place forever. No matter which dog burial you choose, it is important that you and your best friend say goodbye.

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