"The animal 10" with guildo horn and animal records

"The animal 10" with guildo horn and animal records

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The second episode of the new TV show on Vox "Die Tierischen 10" ran entirely under the motto "Animal records". Among the guests this time was Guildo Horn, who visibly felt at ease next to the shaggy four-legged friend and the largest dog in the world. Irish wolfhound as the largest dog at "Die tierischen 10" - Image: Shutterstock / Vera Zinkova

The new Vox show "The Animal 10" went into a record-breaking second round the day before yesterday. This is perhaps less the result of the quotas than the topic, because nothing less than the ten craziest animal records was presented. Among the animal guests was also the largest dog in Germany, which listens to a name that does not sound quite as respectful: "Wolfi". After all, the 1.14-meter-high Irish wolfhound has just as little respect for the guests of the TV show and was serenely slobbering out of moderator Jochen Schropp's water glass.

And what else is there to report from the TV show "Die tierischen 10"? For example, that the little Jack Russell lady "Anastasia" was able to burst 100 balloons in just one minute, surpassing her own world record. In two minutes the cockatoo "Smudge" managed to free 22 keys from a key ring. While these records were only shown via video recorders, little "Ben" showed what he was capable of on the TV show: The Shih Tzu was able to hang out laundry faster than Guildo Horn, Janine Kunze and animal psychologist Martin Rütter.

In the next episode "Die tierischen 10" the ten most famous celebrity dogs await us. Moderate Jochen Schropp then expects Désirée Nick and Gaby Köster as guests. We are excited!

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