Touching cat fate: new life in a wheelchair

Touching cat fate: new life in a wheelchair

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Hard to believe, but true: A specially developed wheelchair helps the little pinball machine to a new life. The unfortunate cat fate seemed

to be tragically mapped out and afflicted with finality. The cat suffered a spinal fracture and was therefore no longer able to walk, but only pulled his hind legs behind him.

The decision to release the little tiger from its suffering and to put it to sleep was not far off. It was simply heartbreaking to have to watch every day how the little one, with eyes full of discovery and liveliness, pulled her abdomen behind with great effort.

High school students as rescuers in need

But Flipper's fate was to take a decisive turn when pupils from Conifer High School in America, Colorado became aware of the cat in class. Entrepreneurship paired with designer talent and last but not least the love for cats gave the paralyzed animal a new start in life. A cat wheelchair was planned. After simulating the first drafts on the computer, the cat's high school students constructed the animal wheelchair, which lifts Flipper's abdomen using a loop that is attached to a rod. Thanks to two wheels, the cat can now easily pull its body behind it.

The cat wheelchair and its importance for the future

The result makes the hearts of animal lovers around the world beat faster, because Flipper can finally express their zest for life unbridled and romp around in the area like its healthy counterparts. The new harness did not cure the house tiger known as the robot cat, but it did give him the opportunity to live a reasonably normal life.

Maine-Coon: XXL domestic cat

Next goal: Flipper should be able to run again

And Flipper's journey is not over yet: doctors and students have set a goal of a complete restoration of the animal's nerve regions. The new cat wheelchair makes an enormous contribution here, because the fact that Flipper is now moving more and faster stimulates the problem regions - even if, of course, the hind legs are still unable to perform natural movements. We keep our fingers crossed for Flipper together with numerous cat friends!

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  • 26-03-2014 21:03:54

    kimsarahheinz: Pippi in the eye, my cat Mona was a free lover and at 1 1/2 years she was gone :-( But then she was brought to me by a neighbor, a stroller found her lying in the forest. When she was standing in front of me with her In the hand joy and shock at the same time, no physical movement. After 3 months of daily vet treatment she was able to raise her head to the point that after a while she got on the front legs. After long intensive treatments and efforts it was dear to me no matter I wrapped her several times a day, she was paralyzed from the hip and pulled through her against her. She was so full of will to live. After five years of fighting, she said goodbye. It breaks my heart every day. Find it great what is possible with you! Report abuse
  • 06-05-2013 21:05:18

    Gipjer: Wat net everything get tight Fred da Bussy no jerking white se do all respect fir dei students report abuse
  • 08-02-2013 18:02:48

    tanjaengler5: So as you can read in the article, she shouldn't be dependent on this wheelchair forever, but rather promote healing so that she can walk again later. as enterprising as the cat is, that's a great solution. I hope that more solutions will be found for the animals! Great idea and thanks to the students for the implementation! Report abuse
  • 08-02-2013 18:02:47

    nadjafrankl5: Can't believe what I'm reading. Are people put to sleep who can no longer walk? The animal does not suffer. Have you seen the video? She runs around in her wheelchair. This has been around in dogs for a long time. Why not for cats too? Report abuse
  • 08-02-2013 16:02:55

    susannekell: @Marie: Are you really serious ?! A new phase of life was made possible for the ball !! And how about reading an article to the end ?! It says that Flipper should be completely HEALTHY again ... Report abuse
  • 08-02-2013 16:02:58

    mariekastner75: i am skeptical. wouldn't it have been better to release the animal from its suffering? Wheelchair or not, it still cannot walk properly ... report abuse

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