Little cat Rosie: "Come on, Lilo! Play with me!"

Little cat Rosie: "Come on, Lilo! Play with me!"

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The little cat Rosie in the video is a foundling. But thanks to the loving care of her human adoptive parents, but above all her foster mother, the husky lady Lilo, she grows up in a happy home. Of course, this also includes play hours - even if the dog mom would rather take a nap.

The cute tiger cat persistently tries to persuade Husky Lilo to play along. Rosie is gnawing Lilo's dog paw with her teeth and wants to get her attention. But the good-natured dog cannot be disturbed. Lilo gently pulls her paw away, which seems to confuse Rosie very briefly. The cat scratches embarrassed and then thinks about what to play with next.

"Huuii, nibbling on your own paw is also fun!", The kitten seems to think when it can be flung backwards with a swing. But the game is apparently getting too boring for her and after a short thought Rosie prefers to chase her dog mum's paw again.

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