Internet star Grumpy Cat is supposed to make a movie

Famous Velvet Paw Goes to Hollywood: Grumpy Cat, the cat with the bad-tempered facial expression, is now supposed to get her own movie - a comedy. She has experience in front of the camera! "No!" Grumpy Cat is always against it - at least it looks like this - Image: 2013 Facebook / Grumpy Cat.

According to the film portal "Deadline" producer Todd Garner ("Tomcats") should take newcomer Grumpy Cat under his wing. It is said to be a "Garfield" style comedy, and his overweight colleague is said to be able to speak to Grumpy Cat. Comedy professionals like Jack Black and Will Ferrell are said to be in the lead roles. We are excited to see how Grumpy Cat, the most important cat in 2012, is doing in front of the camera!

Movie with Grumpy Cat? It all started on the Internet

Grumpy Cat has really earned its reputation as an internet phenomenon. She became famous mainly because she looks a little different than other cats. Many say: Grumpy Cat gives a face in a bad mood. But they love their fans for that! It is not surprising that her manager Ben Lasher sees great potential in the little cat and plans a film career for her. Before the movie with Grumpy Cat will be shown on the screen, the critics will probably be on the plan. Because the hype surrounding the cat makes critical voices louder and louder.

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