Blind cat Bamboo explores his new home

Blind cat Bamboo explores his new home

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The cute tiger cat in the video is called Bamboo and was saved from the street as a stray kitten. Unfortunately, the cat's eyes were so inflamed that the veterinarians at the shelter could no longer save her. Bamboo is now blind, but was lucky to be adopted by a dear cat friend. In the first video, the cute cat is experiencing his first day in a new home.

Carefully, but curiously, Bamboo gradually feels his way around and explores the apartment with feeling, sniffing and listening. Such an exploration tour of course makes you a bit tired, and so Bamboo enjoys a little nap on the couch in between, before looking at the rest of his new home. The second video shows the cute one about a year later - he has settled in really well and feels completely comfortable. Your heart will open when you see how happy the dear hangover is.

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