Siberian Forest Cat Flash makes nonsense

The little cat Flash in the video is a Siberian forest cat and he lives with his cat friend Ziva, a magical Maine Coon. Flash is still very young and has lots of jokes in his head - he still has to learn a bit how to move elegantly like a cat. As you can see in the film, the sweet ball of fleece is still a little clumsy. But that makes him all the sweeter.

Who was hiding in the box? "Boo! It's me," Katerchen Flash seems to be shouting as he jumps out of the box like a jumping devil. Then he happily chases after his cat friend Ziva, but slips on the floor with his paw paws. The cheeky plush goblin also has to practice climbing a little on the duvet or from the scratching post to the windowsill. But Flash can't be stopped, he persistently tries again and again, and when he doesn't feel like it, playing and romping is at least as much fun as climbing and jumping.

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