Sweet cat: a little more attention, please!

Sweet cat: a little more attention, please!

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The owner of the fluffy tomcat Jackie seems to be constantly forgetting an important house rule: Please do not go by without petting the cat. Fortunately, the fluffy video hero knows how to best remember his master.

Too cute how King Jackie sits on his throne. But when his owner passes him without at least briefly stroking his head, he seems to be falling out of the clouds. It doesn't work that way, he seems to think and taps him with the paw.

Unfortunately, just stroking him is not enough. A whole cuddling hour would be better and so he remains persistent and taps and taps until he has been cuddled enough. And because it works so well, Jackie gets his pats every day this way, his owner writes under the video. Smart kitten!

Stroke me! Fluffy, soft cats are easy to cuddle


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