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Samoyed: That's the character of the dog

Samoyed: That's the character of the dog

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The beautiful, white Samoyed belongs to a sled dog breed. His character is friendly, lively and open-minded, but sometimes a little stubborn. He likes to be with his people and needs a lot of exercise and employment to be happy. The Samoyed: A beautiful and friendly dog ​​- Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics

The urge to move and the will to work are also part of the Samoyed character. The dog breed was originally bred as a sled dog in Siberia, but was also used as a herding dog for reindeer herds, helpers when hunting and as a companion dog. His watchful instinct and hunting instinct are usually limited, but he has his own head. With a loving and consistent dog training, it is still suitable as a family dog.

The Samoyed: friendly, sociable and playful

He is usually just as friendly as the fluffy dog ​​looks. He is affectionate and open-minded towards people. He likes it when he can be everywhere and being shy is not his way. The Samoyed is very versatile and intelligent, brave and usually not aggressive at all. But it should also be treated according to its nature: Mental and physical exertion ensure that the lively four-legged friend is doing well with its owners. The better used, the happier the Samoyed.

This applies to every dog, but especially to the Samoyed, because he can show a lot of endurance. As a workhorse, the Samoyed had many different tasks in the past - and so he still enjoys it today when he can enjoy varied jobs. He masters long walks, games, intelligence tasks and dog sports with flying colors, but he can also be trained as a working dog. Because of his human orientation and his friendly character, he is also a wonderful family dog.

Snow-white and extremely fluffy: the Samoyed

Does the Samoyed have a hunting instinct?

According to the breed standard, the Samoyed should not have a hunting instinct, but it cannot be completely ruled out that he has partially retained this instinct. However, this tendency in character usually only becomes noticeable if your Samoyed person has not been sufficiently socialized, underused, and has not been brought up consistently enough. You can find information on how to train the lovable dog in our guide "A Samoyed is moving in: Training tips".

You can see how cute and lovable the Samoyed is in the following video, for example, in which a dog mom plays with her puppies:

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