Cheeky kitten Neko wrangles with tomcat Tyson

Cheeky kitten Neko wrangles with tomcat Tyson

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"Oh yeah, cat life could be sooo peaceful if you didn't have an annoying little sister," Tom Tyson seems to think in the video. The poor guy just wants to relax, doze and take a nap. But his little sister, the Scottish-fold kitten Neko, always comes around the corner and gives him one with her fluffy paws.

Whether on the serving hatch to the kitchen, on the floor or in the wicker basket - tom Tyson is nowhere safe from the attacks of sister Neko. And the little cheeky little girl is also very adept at stalking unnoticed to take on her big brother. She doesn't begin to be intimidated by his hissing and pawing. On the contrary, it seems to make the game "Annoy Tyson" even more fun. Pretty nasty! But if you're as cute as Kitty Neko, you can be a little cheeky from time to time.

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