At what age are cats sexually mature?

At what age are cats sexually mature?

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When a cat reaches sexual maturity, it is basically ready for mating and reproduction. But when are cats sexually mature? Here you can find out how you can tell whether your Stubentiger is fertile. The opposite sex is only perceived as really interesting in cats when they have reached sexual maturity - Shutterstock / Fernando Alvarez Charro

When cats and cats become sexually mature, they behave differently - similar to people in puberty. If the sexually mature cat is a female, her newly blossomed sexual behavior becomes noticeable through her frail nature. If a cat is sexually mature, you can usually tell by the fact that it begins to mark.

When exactly the animals can produce or have offspring cannot be determined exactly to the week. This can vary from cat to cat and hangover to hangover. From what age it is on average, read below.

When are female cats sexually mature?

A female cat usually becomes sexually mature at the age of six to nine months. The beginning of sexual maturity varies from race to race. Some breeds, including the Siamese cat or the Abyssinian cat, are known for their early maturity and can often become pregnant at six months. In rare cases, Siamese cats are sexually mature as early as four months.

Maine Coon cats, on the other hand, are late bloomers when it comes to sexual maturity. With them, the first rolling character usually only becomes noticeable from around 12 months. The same could be expected for British Shorthair (BKH) cats, since, like Maine Coon cats, it usually takes up to two years for them to become physically mature. But BKH cats can become sexually mature at just six to nine months.

By the way, unlike humans, female cats do not go through the menopause. This means that cats can theoretically become pregnant even in old age. This then represents a great burden for the velvet paws.

How do you recognize sexual maturity in cats?

Sexually mature cat ladies become ruffled and display special behaviors during this time, which can differ from cat to cat.

Many fur noses then have little appetite, whine and scream a lot, roll around on the floor and distribute their fragrance brands whenever possible. Flat lay and flank rubbing are also typical. How intense the behavior of your furry cat is depends on your individual temperament.

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At what age are hangovers sexually mature?

Sexual maturity is a little different in hangovers: they usually become sexually mature at the age of eight to ten months. The breed and the individual development of the hangover also play a role here, whether it is early or late.

However, hangovers can only be successfully covered from the tenth month. Many hangovers experiment a little bit earlier with their sexual behavior much earlier, often before they actually reach sexual maturity. In parallel to these experiments, in which, for example, siblings are "broken in", the genital organs of the cat gradually develop.

Already at around two months, 100 to 200 papillae grow on the tip of the penis, which are directed backwards and act like barbs during sexual intercourse. You can read more about the sexual act in the guide: "Mating behavior of cats: foreplay and mating act".

Is my cat sexually mature? Signs, characteristics and behavior

Sexually mature male cats do not become ripe, but nevertheless show certain signs that they are now in principle ready to father kittens. Especially in spring, in the so-called rutting season, a certain behavior becomes noticeable in this case.

You can recognize sexually mature male cats by the fact that they mark. They leave numerous fragrance brands in the form of intensely smelling urine splashes in their area - so also in your home.

The male cats willing to mate are increasingly going on a bridal show through the neighborhood and often don't show up for days with their cat owners. Their forays can sometimes take them several kilometers away from their home. Hunger and fatigue then play a subordinate role.

Territorial fights with other hangovers often occur, so that minor injuries and injuries during the rutting season are not uncommon.

When the cat is sexually mature, the issue of castration always plays a role. You may also be interested in these topics related to cat health:

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