Bach flower therapy for cats: important essences

Bach flower therapy for cats: important essences

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Bach flower therapy for cats can be useful for behavioral problems such as anxiety and aggression. It can also provide support for larger life changes such as moving house or moving in a new pet. We would like to introduce you to some important essences here. Bach flower therapy for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Sari ONeal

A total of 38 different Bach flower essences are currently available in the pharmacy, in specialist shops and online. Up to five of these can be combined if there are several problems or unclear causes. In addition to the emergency drops (more information about this can be found here), these remedies are also often used in Bach flower therapy for cats:


These Bach flowers are used for various fears. Is your little tiger just hiding in the corner, is it frightened, or is it afraid of being alone? Then hopefully Aspen can help him.


For example, Beech is used when a cat is aggressive to a human or an animal, when it scratches, bites, or suddenly becomes unclean and the veterinarian can rule out that there is a physical cause.

Crap apple

This essence can help with Bach flower therapy for cats if a velvet paw suffers from severe itching or eczema.


A new animal is moving in with you? It is an exciting day, also for your house tiger. If he is crawling, very shy and afraid of being touched, hopefully Gentian can make his first few days easier.

Bach flowers for cats: tips for beginners

Bach flowers for cats should be able to provide mental support from nature and have ...


A kitten who is worth trying with Heather must always be the center of attention, take excessive care and may not be alone. Heather can also be mixed with the similar-looking chicory.


Holly can be used to treat jealousy, aggressiveness and anger at a certain member of the household. These behaviors often occur when a new animal moves in and is not accepted.


In Bach flower therapy for cats, this remedy is intended to help grieving animals that have been thrown off the track by a change of residence, a new owner or a deceased member of their species.


Larch is used in cats that are extremely submissive. They allow food to be stolen from their peers, are careful and put up with everything.


These Bach flowers can be used to treat exhaustion after illness, old age or strenuous physical activity.

Star of Bethlehem

is a remedy that can help your animal after a big shock. Accidents or mourning for a fellow species fall under the treatment area.

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