Foundling kitten turns into beautiful fluffy cat

Foundling kitten turns into beautiful fluffy cat

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The kitten in the video didn't have an easy start in life. As "Love Meow" reports, little Kai, as her rescuer called her, was found in a bad condition together with her siblings. There was no trace of the cat mom.

Only Kai survived from her litter. She had a bad skin fungus disease, her fur had fallen out in places and she was very weak and scared. But she was lucky! She came to a great foster home and her foster mother Ellen Richter looked after her with a lot of patience and love.

She treated the skin fungus disease and when Kai was healthy again, Ellen Richter helped her to get used to people and other animals, to be cuddled and to be loved and to play with her friends.

Little by little Kai's fur grew ... and the shaggy little foundling turned into a beautiful, fluffy mini panther.

Kai has since moved into her new, loving home. There she can spend the rest of her life full of warmth, love and affection, with people who love her above all and animal roommates to play and run around. What a nice happy ending!

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