Koala mom protects her baby from bushfire in Australia

Koala mom protects her baby from bushfire in Australia

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In Queensland, Australia, volunteers saved a koala mom and her baby from a bush fire. This created a picture that could not be more heartbreaking. Bushfire in Australia: A koala mom saved her baby from the worst - Shutterstock / Kylie Ellway

A koala mom and her baby were lucky in misfortune. Volunteers were able to save the animals from a bush fire in Australia just in time.

When the helpers found the two of them, they were huddled together on a tree trunk. As for the animal find, policeman Peter Waugh, who was present, told The Beaudesert Times: "Everything around the koalas was burned. The mother had burns on her back - he was scorched - and she had obvious burns on her ears. The baby, however, was not shining to be hurt. "

Wildcare Australia Inc. posted a photo that captures this moment on Facebook. There the recording touches numerous users, as various comments show. For example, one user said about the koalas: "It breaks my heart to see this. So many animals lose their lives in the bush fire, their food and their habitat. Thank you for saving this mother and her baby."

As Wildcare Australia Inc. wrote about the picture, the koala mom and her baby were taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment. The mother's condition has stabilized.

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