Is your cat in pain? 8 signs you can tell

Is your cat in pain? 8 signs you can tell

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If your cat is in pain, she first tries everything to avoid showing it. In the wild, cats would be doomed to show weakness, as predators would have an easy time of it. This instinct also makes it difficult for domestic cats to recognize when something is hurting them. Cats are reluctant to show their pain - Shutterstock / Renata Apanaviciene

There are many reasons for pain in cats: your velvet paw may have been injured, suffer from constipation or an intestinal obstruction. Older animals occasionally get osteoarthritis, which causes painful joint problems. You can tell that your cat is in pain from the following signs:

1. Atypical behavior as a warning sign

A cat that is in pain often behaves strangely. If your fur nose is usually nice and cuddly, it may become aggressive.

An otherwise trusty kitty can become anxious and reluctant when in pain. It may be hiding permanently. An otherwise active velvet paw can lose your play instinct and suddenly become calm and sleepy.

Your sick or injured cat may reveal itself by extensive cleaning or nibbling in a painful area.

2. Lack of appetite as a symptom

If your pet's appetite subsides or it eats nothing at all, this is in any case an alarm signal. Your cat is probably in pain when eating. Maybe your animal has a toothache or a dental operation that was not too long ago, which has been very hard on him?

3. Pain when moving?

You can also use subtle signs to see if your cat is in pain when moving. She may be lame with one paw, move more slowly, or no longer jump on the sofa or her scratching post with the usual ease. Even limping and neglecting grooming can indicate that your animal is in pain when it moves.

4. Cat shows unusual posture

In addition, there is usually a strange posture. Your cat will keep your head and neck strangely bowed or crouched in a corner if you hurt anything. In case of pain, cats also pull their tummies and curve their backs.

In addition, painful cats often have an absent facial expression, as if they were staring at nothing. Also, see if your pet is in an atypical position when sleeping or dozing. Cats often lie on the side of their body that causes them pain.

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5. Cats with pain are often sensitive to touch

Whether it is the back, the base of the tail, the back, the paw or the hip, if you accidentally touch the painful area when stroking your fur nose, it can usually not hide your pain. It may react aggressively, hiss or growl at you, scratch or shrink back in fear. Your cat may also bite you.

6. The appearance changes

After a while, the appearance changes under pain. Because grooming is difficult, your cat will gradually become shaggy and the fur will become dull. Their lack of appetite can cause them to lose weight. It's best not to let it get this far and if in doubt, go to the vet too much.

7. Uncontrolled droppings and urine

If your cat is in pain, it may not only be doing business in the toilet. An unusual behavior when vomiting or urinating indicates that your house tiger is suffering.

8. Licking the seam and bandage

If your cat has a bonded area, reactions such as shaking or licking can indicate not only that the suture or bandage is disrupting, but also signs of inflammatory pain.

Signs of pain? Off to the vet!

If you notice any of the following signs or if you notice a slight change in your cat, whether it is unusual behavior or body language, go to the vet as a precaution.

Never ignore the warning signs because they can be symptoms of serious illnesses. The veterinarian can see what's wrong with your cat. For example, he can use an ultrasound or X-ray examination to check whether she has an intestinal obstruction or something has broken.

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