Mastiff: what is the character of the big dog?

Mastiff: what is the character of the big dog?

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The mastiff is big, strong and strong - the meek dog would never be its strength however, use it towards people for no reason. As a gentle giant, he is a great family dog. The mastiff is a dog that doesn't get upset so quickly - Image: Shutterstock / Michal Ninger

The mastiff may intimidate one or the other with its size, but is a very calm dog that is even sometimes used as a therapy dog. As a family member, he shows himself to be lovable and a reliable protector.

The mastiff: a family dog ​​for all purposes

The mastiff does not say no to a beautiful, species-appropriate place in a dog-friendly family. He enjoys being close to his favorite people and builds a very strong bond with them. His calm, easy-going temperament makes him a loyal, friendly companion even for children.

He is usually calm, but reserved towards strangers and in unknown situations. In order to warm up with new people, he needs a time in which he prefers to observe them in peace and try to assess them.

A reliable watchdog

The mastiff, which can easily reach a shoulder height of 80 cm and a weight of 90 kg, is said to have a high threshold of stimulation, thanks to which nothing can get him out of it so quickly. He has little stress and noise, but that does not mean that he would not defend his people in the face of impending danger, because the big dog does everything for his owner.

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He would bravely stand between his enemy and his master if there was any danger to show that no one could get past him. He would never bite or become aggressive on his own, but only in the greatest emergency.

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