Carry bags for cats: tips and ideas

Carry bags for cats: tips and ideas

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If your house tiger has to go to the vet, travel with you or move, you want to transport him naturally. Carrier bags for cats are hardly extra weight and are comfortable. Transport bags for cats: tips and ideas - Image: Shutterstock / Elena Efimova

1. Practical transport utensil made of hard shell

This hard shell carrying case is particularly comfortable for your house tiger because it has a soft, padded bottom. The practical thing: It is attached with a Velcro fastener so that you can easily remove it and, for example, clean it when it is dirty. The bag can be folded up and takes up little space.

2. Colorful carrying case with rain protection

Flower power with extras: This chic tote bag has a waterproof coating and offers protection for your velvet paw. The material is light and the bottom is removable. And with the cheerful floral design, traveling with your room tiger is twice as much fun.

3. Chic design and privacy screen for your velvet paw

Your cat is optimally protected from wind and weather in this cat bag and, if necessary, you can even cover the ventilation network opaque - for example, if it is raining and your cat should not get wet, or if it is scared and you want to protect it.

4. Carrying bag with all-round view

Just because your cat is in your carrier bag doesn't mean she wants to miss what's happening around her. With this chic model, all sides can be rolled up so that only the safety net is left. If your velvet paw is scared or should be protected, you can simply close it again.

Cats at work: please do not disturb!

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