Puppy toys: activity for small dogs

Playing is fun! Of course not only adult dogs find this, but also puppies. So that the pleasure is particularly suitable for puppies, there are toys that are geared towards the needs of young four-legged friends and that fit in small format to their size. Puppy toys: employment for small dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Jez Bennett

1. Small and extra soft: squeaky bones for puppies

Small toy for small dogs: This puppy toy weighs only 32 grams and is a cozy and safe fun with its soft but stable material. When the young dog chews on it, the colored bone squeaks and should be to his liking. It also looks really cute!

2. Activity toys for young dogs

This activity toy is available in three different sizes and is made of soft natural rubber. Especially young dogs that are changing teeth like to chew on them. Since the toy can be filled with treats or dry food, they even get a small reward in between.

3. Popular dog toy in the mini version

The popular "Kong" is available in different sizes: This version is suitable for puppies that are between two and nine months old. The toy can also be filled with snacks or pastes and invites the dog with natural rubber and a puppy-friendly size to chew on.

4. Sweet cloth for cuddling and playing

This puppy toy is also very little fun. It consists of cuddly baby plush and is equipped with a squeeker, so that hugging and playing can be combined. With all toys, remember that your protégé should only play with it under supervision - as the manufacturers always recommend for safety reasons.

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