Why does my dog not like to cuddle

Why does my dog not like to cuddle

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Why does my dog not like to cuddle?

How can you make your dog love to cuddle? My boyfriend recently bought a puppy from a breeder. He decided on a mixed breed dog. She is 8 weeks old and is a pretty calm puppy. She's a shepherd mix and was named Sophie. She's just recently started playing with toys that her puppy pack makes for her. We do let her out but only for a minute, so she doesn't get overwhelmed.

Her mother is a husky/shepherd mix and her father is a husky/spaniel mix. The breeder sd her father was a big softy and he liked to cuddle. But Sophie doesn't like cuddling. She lays down, gives him a good sniff, and walks away. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to make her like to cuddle?

I can tell you from experience that my two dogs don't like to cuddle. However, that was until we got the dogs house broke on us (no idea how that happened). I don't think you're doing anything wrong or they are doing anything wrong. As long as the dog is not in pn/distressed they won't like to cuddle. If they do not want to cuddle, chances are they are not comfortable with being around you or humans in general. Keep the puppy around you in small amounts and give them time to adjust to you and their new surroundings. It will be a lot of work at first but it will get easier. I hope this helps.

It's normal for any dog to not be "comfortable" cuddling.

Dogs just don't have a natural instinct for cuddling as many humans do. If your dog does not like cuddling, you may have to work on it. Just do what you can and eventually your dog will get used to it.

If she does not like it at first, try to be gentle. She may need some extra attention and cuddles in the beginning, so if you get the chance, cuddle with her like you would with a cat, to show her it is okay. Also, don't worry if she is not cuddling, just try to be comforting and soft when you are around her.

That's exactly how I thought it was the problem. My dog likes to cuddle me but she wont cuddle the kids. I thought she was just really protective of me. It took her several days to even approach my kids. One day she came up to my daughter and sniffed her, and that was it! Now I can't get away with anything!! Thanks for the advice!!!

If she really is uncomfortable with it, she is not a cuddler. My two dogs used to hate it when I tried to get them to cuddle and they thought it was weird to be wrapped in someone's arms or legs. They would not have it and only do it reluctantly. When you know that's how it is, you will have to either let it go or find someone who can comfort you or who does not mind it.

I know how hard it is, but it's part of being a person, too. I don't know why all animals want to lay and sleep with people at night, but they do. The only way you can learn to love each other is through time and patience.

Hi. This is good advice...I know someone who has this issue too. I think your suggestion is great...the only thing is to not push her to do what she doesn't want to. Let it be a learning experience for you. If she won't cuddle with you, you can still be comfortable with her. I had the same problem when I first got my bichons - I would get so irritated that my dog wouldn't cuddle. I finally realized that I loved her just the way she was and she loves me in the way I was with her. That helped a lot.

There is really only two choices when it comes to this:

1. Have her cuddle with you and let her cuddle all over you. She will never be comfortable doing that and the whole thing will be a disaster because she won't like it.

2. Have her do it on her own terms so that she will feel more comfortable. Then after a week or two, you should give her the choice to do it all over agn. That's what we did with the bichons. We started with her doing it on her own terms and then she got comfortable enough that we let her cuddle on our own terms.

Hope this helped! Good luck!


A dog is not a cat.

A dog is not a horse.

A dog is not a baby.

A dog is not a toy.

A dog is not a pig.

A dog is not a hamster.

A dog is not a mouse.

A dog is not a lizard.

A dog is a family.

Darling will never be comfortable with anyone other than my boyfriend and that's exactly how I want it. So, that's what I do. If he gets too tired or too tired of her sitting on his head he can always just move her over. When it comes to the other animals we know it's important to let her do what she wants.

My dog has only one dog and she is a very affectionate dog with other animals but as soon as another animal gets too close she will growl and growl. My dog is always in my lap when I'm at home so I'm comfortable enough to have her cuddle.

That was a different situation for her, there. Mine hasn't had to work so hard for attention from me. She usually just goes with the flow. When I'm around, she knows what she is supposed to do. When I'm not, well, she's free to do what she wants and I'm just as happy to let her be.

This is a good place to start in getting you two ready for a good transition.

I always make sure that everyone gets attention from me and has their own time with me. It makes things very easy if one person isn't feeling well and they know they can just walk away if it becomes too much. They don't have to feel obligated to stick around if they don't want to.

I would let her know that you are her Mom and would not allow anyone to pet her without asking her first.

I just don't think it's the right place for her, to be treated like a baby. Sure, you're all of the same age and her "playmate" is the same age as her, but she's a girl and you're a girl, so you're not related at all. I wouldn't mind if we went to the same play group as you, but I don't think it's a good idea

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