Will a dog starve itself to death

Will a dog starve itself to death

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Will a dog starve itself to death?

Dogs are very intelligent, and they show this in many different ways, but is there a way they can actually choose to starve themselves to death?

Wouldn’t it be quite risky for them to choose that, and also pretty dangerous for them to not choose, because of the risk of it being a long drawn-out death.

And what about cats? I’m sure they’re clever enough to make a good plan too, but cats are quite independent, and can go days without any food.

But dogs and cats are domesticated animals, and I can’t find much about that.

4 Responses to “Will a dog starve itself to death?”

I never really considered a dog having the intellect to be smart enough to choose to starve it self to death. Dogs on the other hand love to share food and love to play with each other so I don’t think a dog would ever choose to starve it self. I’m thinking about this for my next pet and I would only choose a dog that has good character because if they are selfish, lazy and greedy I’m probably not going to be able to teach them any good behavior at all. I’d rather take a dog with a good personality and learn how to train it than to take one that has bad personality traits and learn to train it. I really don’t think this would be wise for any animals.

I see the point in being very careful when choosing a dog, and yes, I totally agree with you.

But what if the dog is a stray, and they are really hungry, and they don’t have any human attention?

I have a friend that doesn’t like dogs, but she has a friend that does, so she took her friend to look at some strays. Well, she came back with a stray she wanted to adopt. And then she took her friend back to the shelter, and took a look at other strays. Well, again she came back with two strays. And she didn’t even mention this to her friend.

She adopted all three dogs, all in the same week. (Two of them were actually the same breed, but she has them separated.) And she was just happy. She told me that in the end, she just couldn’t decide which one to keep, and she ended up giving the first one away to her neighbor. Her friend had the same reaction.

How can you say “Well, I choose my own pets.” without looking at all the facts?

I think that when it comes to choosing a dog it really does come down to the owner. If I choose a dog that acts like it owns the whole world then I probably wouldn’t have much success. There are a lot of owners like that and I imagine their dogs don’t do that. On the other hand, there are a lot of owners that have good dogs.

The best dogs and owners complement each other in a relationship. They are happy and they feel like they can trust each other. I think that you really can’t do it without making an effort, but with the right kind of owner you can. But there are also dog owners out there who think that they can do it themselves and this usually ends badly.

But you also have to look at a dog and see if it really meets the requirements of a dog you are interested in. If it is an older dog it may have some quirks that bother you. If the dog is a puppy you have to keep that in mind as well.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, or leave a like on the blog, and let me know that you were here.

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